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Exemplar of Cyborgia

Sanctum Cyborgia is an immersive operatic performance dealing with issues related to the digital self and transhumanism. Participants will enter a living digital structure as the last homo sapiens in existence and be asked to explore their own humanity in a series of sensory-focused experiences spread across an interactive alien landscape.

Led by a multidisciplinary team of artists, Sanctum Cyborgia combines traditional opera and theatre with contemporary dance and mixed media presentation, taking its audience into the mind of visual artist Hallidonto, whose cyborg figures, carved in virtual reality, serve to confront the flesh anxiety experienced in today’s digital era of online intimacy and Interaction. Come, join us…


Posthuman Poetry

Upload your data to share your visions, pathos, with our community and Terra..


I'm the Cyborg prophet, Neither enemy nor friend, I embrace change, The freedom to choose the path that's right for the individual, I believe in my...

Posthuman Endeavour

Sunshine, Bleeding light upon the quiet street,  Handless gloves on the corner,  An invisible enemy,  Bread line silhouettes, ...


Trapped,Inside a shell of inconsistent malaise, Another influencer,Another argument festering upon my flesh, Spare me the reality, off on your...

Apostles of cyborgia

Nulli di, reges, superiores, the inner vessels of the Sanctum – the zealots of Cyborgia, ingest this data into thy substrates dear hivemind.

Natoque Penatibus

Senior Producer


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Roxana Haines


Roxana Haines is a theatre and opera director working throughout Europe and currently the resident Staff Director at Scottish Opera.
Roxana trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice. She also has experience and training in puppetry, physical theatre and movement. Her work is mostly multi-discliplinary, telling stories at the cross section between form and genre.
She has recently directed a five star outdoor production of La Bohème for Scottish Opera, and is also working on a filmed Cosi fan tutte..

Dr. Liza Seigido

Tech interactivity


Dr. Liza Seigido is an award-winning composer specializing in electro-acoustic composition and interactive multimedia art. She is also a performer, educator, and the founding owner/artistic director of Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company, LLC (est. 2016). In February 2018, she was awarded a Discovery Grant by OPERA America to fund the development of her opera ‘Cyborgs are Dancing’ for an electro-acoustic ensemble with a dancer and interactive media, which had its world premiere at the Coral Gables Museum on May 22, 2020. With her husband Lawrence W. Moore, Seigido founded the ‘Kendall Sound Art’ new music concert series, which exclusively promoted the work of composers and performers residing in South Florida between May 2013 through December 2016. Dr. Liza’s music has been performed across the United States and in Prague, Czech Republic.

Lucia Rimini

Production Assistant

Having recently graduated from the University of York, Lucia Rimini is currently working as a Marketing Assistant for The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience, as well as developing work with Teastain Theatre. Previously, Lucia has produced the TakeOver Festival for York Theatre Royal, as well as smaller scale productions for York DramaSoc.


Creative director
and creator


Hallidonto is a contemporary visual artist from Dundee, Scotland, based in London England. His practice and research is centered around his “Cyborgia Manifesto” Hallidonto’s work is multifaceted, with many layers of meaning. From a complex imagination associated with various media contexts in relation to the future, Hallidonto’s work brings together philosophy, post-modernism, and notions of the flesh with the mediated body through drawn revelations of the technological self..

Hallidonto’s has created a Cyborgia Manifesto, a testament to the artist’s commitment to contributing to Posthuman/transhumanist philosophy and the international cyborg community.

Hallidonto has been invited to V&A Dundee, Central St Martins, the Royal Academy and the NYU Posthuman forum to take part in discussions centred around the Cyborg.

Ergo Phizmiz


Ergo Phizmiz is an international interdimensional intermedia superstar deluxe working in composition, design, animation, collage, curating and performance. They have released hundreds of hours of music and produced countless pieces for stage, screen and radio across the world since 2000.

Bud Moore

Head of logistics

and curation

Bud Moore spent over 10 years with pioneering design platform Designersblock, organising, producing and communicating exhibitions, projects and pop up shops and talks in London, Milan and Birmingham, working with cultural institutions, brands and government bodies. Using transitional architecture spaces such as factories, courts, swimming pools and trade halls to create experiential exhibitions and experiences.

Prior to working in the design industry he worked in commercial and marketing roles in television and retail.

Colin Foster

In-house motion

graphics designer

Colin Foster is a motion graphics designer that uses multi-dimensional material to create a motion graphics explosion on modern screens. I use a mix of 2.5D animation and 3D animation to create multidimensional art for promotional purposes and to show the world what time dimension is.

Dr Trudy Barber

Academic Consultant

After gaining my BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London and my PhD and Teaching Accreditation by Portfolio both from the University of Kent at Canterbury, I joined the CCI Faculty at Portsmouth University in November 2006, where I lecture on various aspects of Media Studies. My specialist subjects are emergent media, cyber/digital culture, cybersexualities including robot sex, deviant leisure, media networks, visual culture, art practice and the digital future. I am also interested in notions of creativity and interdisciplinarity and exploring approaches as to how practice informs theory. I also continue to follow traditional Fine Art practice with ongoing paintings, drawings, installations and film making as well as continuing writing articles on research. Previous teaching includes the University of Kent, the Institute of Education University of London and the Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Ralph Barker

Partnerships lead
and co-scriptwriter


Ralph Barker has worked across the immersive sector and in many of the UK’s renowned arts organisations. Having worked in a variety of positions across the cultural and arts world with household names in the industry such as Secret Cinema and dotdotdot, Ralph provides guidance and consultancy on developing content and programme management for the immersive theatre world. Combining the work he does as Associate Lecturer on MA Applied Imagination for the Creative Industries at Central Saint Martins (UaL) with his own marketing platforms, Ralph has built networks across the creative industries that have provided unique and innovative creative opportunities for partner and sponsorships for the large-scale experiential projects he works on..

Monica Nicolaides

Head of choreography

Monica Nicolaides is a choreographer and movement director. A featured choreographer for One Dance UK and Hiive’s ‘One-to-watch’, Her work was featured on BBC Persia and supported by Arts Council England, IdeasTap Innovators Fund, Candoco Dance Company, Hiive and bbodance. Her portfolio includes commissions by British Medical Association, Peregrina EnChantica, Third Row Dance Company, Dance Digital, Homs Arthaus, University of Cumbria.

Nadia Correia

Lead photographer

Born in Lisbon, Portugal to a half-Mozambican family, Nadia has always felt inspired by multicultural environments. Her unique upbringing, along with her grandfather’s love and knowledge of photography, has had a true creative impact on her work. Cultural heritage and identity are the heart of Nadia’s interests. Using them as the backdrop for her pictures, she creates compelling narratives by using vibrant and complex colour schemes where women are mostly at centre stage. Nadia’s work can be found in Vogue UK, Wonderland, Noctis, Kaltblut, Pap, Picton, TMRW and more.

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The Sanctum Cyborgia metaverse is a platform for cross-sector collaboration. Our partners reflect a diversity of organisations who are working across the spaces of technology, healthcare, disability, gaming, and the arts. Potential sponsors might see investment in Sanctum Cyborgia as an opportunity to showcase sensory-based hardware, explore a research question that deals with interactivity or immersive gaming, and collect neurospecific information, as part of our project’s data collection and focus on human and technology integration. 

Are you interested in partnering with Sanctum Cyborgia? Get in touch by emailing or use the contact form above. 

We thank all of our sponsors who supply us with financial, material, research, and venue support.

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