Posthuman Endeavour



Bleeding light upon the quiet street, 

Handless gloves on the corner, 

An invisible enemy, 

Bread line silhouettes, 

Scurrying like ants, 

Carrying more than needed, 

White eyes and covered face’s, 

A subtle cough, 

Evoking apprehension,

2 meters–tinged droplets, 

New residents looking to reside, 

Resting in your chest, 

Lock that door, 

An endless scroll, 

Lives lost and tolls rising, 

‘normality’ wasn’t working, 

Awaiting new consciousness, 

A reconfigure of narrative, 

No return, 

A new road of opportunity, 

Rescind the old order, 

Move forward with power, 

Stay home, 

Stay safe, 

Time to build a better life, 

A better world, 

A better place,