We all praise our glorious Cyborgian leader… Hallidonto

Hallidonto is a contemporary visual artist from Dundee, Scotland, based in London England. His practice and research is centered around his “Cyborgia Manifesto” Hallidonto’s work is multifaceted, with many layers of meaning. From a complex imagination associated with various media contexts in relation to the future, Hallidonto’s work brings together philosophy, post-modernism, and notions of the flesh with the mediated body through drawn revelations of the technological self..

Hallidonto’s has created aCyborgia Manifesto, a testament to the artist’s commitment to contributing to Posthuman/transhumanist philosophy and the international cyborg community. 

Hallidonto has been invited to V&A Dundee, Central Saint Martins, the Royal Academy and the NYU Posthuman forum to take part in discussions centred around the Cyborg